Thank you to:

Obviously my family, namely my parents, because without their sleepless nights, patience, exemplary behavior- I definitely wouldn’t exist. My siblings: because if I didn’t have someone to show off to while I was growing up I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be as outspoken as I am now. Of course they contributed to my development more than that- but I’m being funny (Right? They probably don’t think so- and wouldn’t hesitate to let me know that).

I have a second family, in-laws (although not legally contracted) I have to thank. At an extremely low point in my life in 2007, not only did they support me (house me, feed me, give me a job TWICE), but had the foresight to raise Evan to be the individual he is today. Evan is without a doubt the reason I am the artist I am today. He will claim it’s because he ‘loviesaurus’ me but I’m convinced that if he wasn’t blessed with his temperament, stubbornness, and practicality, I’d be a starving artist on the corner of Woe Street and Pity Avenue.

I’m thankful for a beautiful community I’m residing in (accidentally stumbled into by some fluke). Sure, the road rage is awful here but the businesses are positive, welcoming, and creative. I’ve been fortunate that, in spite of my past, I have been able to make trustworthy connections. The business owners in my area are exciting and creative, I feel blessed by their open-mindedness. Because I’m weird as hell. Also now I can eat food that more variety then minute rice, canned peas, and sriracha sauce.

Online I have a small community of ‘followers’ that pop up randomly to say they appreciate how much I share. Some of these people I’ve never met, other’s by awkward greetings. It took me awhile to claim that I was an “Artist” but continual support from remote locations gave me the confidence to keep trying. I’m still trying and their thoughts, comments, shares, likes will always be special to me.

There’s nothing more to say other than: thank you for reading this. Have a great day.