An Artists Thought Process for an Exhibition Piece….

In 2016 I was asked to design a piece for an exhibit in Gilbert. It was presented to a group of curious on-lookers. Some who had never experienced an ‘interactive’ exhibit before. The Success gallery was extremely well organized and each artist had a ‘station’ where the guests could participate in different activities. An example of one of the activities was looking in a full length mirror. The task was to apply sticky notes to the side of the mirror pronouncing your ‘Class’. Some of the sticky notes took the labeling to heart “Lower/Middle Class” to “Pregnant” to “Broke”.

Created Equal Trigger Exhibits presents a pop up art exhibit on the topic of SUCCESS to ignite conversation and civic action! Created Equal Trigger Exhibits is a non profit organization, launched in June 2014, delivering pop up ART exhibits designed around specific themes to trigger audiences into conversations and civic action. On Sept 24, 2016 Artists tackle the question: Is SUCCESS Created Equal?

I took this project by the horns. Success has always been a mystery to me. If I am fed, well-rested, and have enough water to drink and bathe… am I not successful? Does society change that idea for most? How do you embody “SUCCESS” in an art piece.

My piece is larger than my usual works at around 42in wide by 36in tall (or something like that, I’ll measure it again – someday). It took me about two weeks to fully complete. Even after I delivered the piece to the exhibition hall I still felt like it needed more work. I had a little help from my friends at Speed Pro Imagining in Mesa-Gilbert. They printed a ‘rough’ draft for me on canvas so I had a solid form of symmetry in the center of the piece.

Art Theory and Applying it Here

What was important for me while making this project:
I wanted to show those diamonds, shiny gold piece, fancy car- against the stark smoke and broken bits of trash and rubble.
The ballerina in the middle- an dance form based on expressive gestures – is growing and reaching. Trees have always been a beacon of symbolism to me.
What was success? That fancy red car?
A clean bed?
That big mansion or just a home that is safe?
Is success being able to participate in consumerism?
Or is success reaching for exactly what you desire in life?

What do you think? What is Success