Duhickey, the Game

 Fun quick game created by Evan Vega. Can you press all the buttons before they kill you??? Click here to download Duhickey

Artists: How to think BIG on an Installation Piece

I’d like to talk about how one of my most favorite projects came into fruition. It started with an idea- the idea wasn’t necessarily mine. I was just an artist addition to a vision. There is a small patio in Texas. This patio is a gathering point for groups of happy people watching football, grilling,…

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Why am I (A) Live? A look at the Live Video trend

Why am I (A) Live? A look at the Live Video trend Catchy title, isn’t it? No, I’m not questioning my existence on this metaphysical plane of gravimetric, yet isolated, light-infused wave length. I’m completely content with being stardust. I’m asking the REAL questions: What’s up with this “Live” video thing on my Facebook feed?…